Point/Counterpoint: Should fans have stormed the field last weekend?

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Why wouldn’t fans rush the field after an exhilarating win like the one this past weekend?

At home, facing one of the toughest teams in the Big Ten, there is no reason to fault those who let their excitement spill over the barriers and onto the playing surface to celebrate with the boys who brought them victory.

Every week, there is another professional football player who orchestrates a perfect ensemble of two-steps after getting his one tackle for a year on special teams. This is looked upon as a reason to celebrate, so why not let the fans join in on the fun?

Last year, the Hawkeyes beat Wisconsin behind an amazing running effort by Shonn Greene, and again the fans couldn’t hold themselves back — me being one of them.

I’ll admit I rushed the field for that game, a game that had little significance over the season. It was all in good fun, and it was a memory I, as well as most everyone else that was out there, will have forever.

Gone are the days of taking down the goal posts after big wins. Storming the field has become the last outlet for fans to celebrate with the team. With such a divide these days between fan and athlete, even at the college level, it is comforting to know that anyone can run out after a big win and throw his arm around Ricky Stanzi or Adrian Clayborn and bask in the thrill of victory.

Now, to justify the rush of the field after the Michigan game. With only Northwestern, Indiana, and Minnesota coming through Iowa City the next few weeks, this was the students’ last chance to throw caution to the wind and feel that brand-new turf beneath their frozen toes.

So what if so-called powerhouses such as USC and Ohio State don’t rush the field after a big win? In my eyes, it just shows how jaded those teams are by their level of success.

Iowa is known nationwide for understanding how to have a good time, and rushing the field is just an extension of that spirit.

— by Jake Krzeczowski

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