Which NFL team had the better draft, Jets or Rams?



The Jets got Shonn Greene.

No, that’s not the only reason New York had the best weekend of the NFL’s 32 teams, but it sure helps.

With their first two picks of USC quarterback Mark Sanchez, who went to New York with the fifth pick of the first round, and Greene, the Jets created themselves a solid core from which the future looks very bright.

Even though there was controversy surrounding whether Sanchez was ready for the NFL when he announced his decision to opt for the pros rather than another year at USC, he proved himself throughout 2008 and performed well enough in workouts to earn himself that fifth overall selection in the draft.

No matter what Pete Carroll has to say about it, ESPN’s Mel Kiper described the quarterback as a “franchise-maker,” not exactly the tag bestowed upon Kellen Clemens or Erik Ainge the past few years.

With a solid defense in place and a sound running game, there also won’t be pressure on Sanchez, who after playing one year as the starting quarterback at such a major program will be ready for New York.

Greene will also be a contributor immediately for the Jets. With Thomas Jones on his way out and Leon Washington not exactly an every-down back, there will be a spot for the Iowa star in the running back rotation.

The consensus “GPA” of the Jets’ picks in the 2009 draft, according to ESPN.com, was a solid 3.26. While that may not get them into the Honors Program at Iowa, it definitely is a reflection of one of the best performances by a front office over the weekend.

— by Jake Krzeczowski

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