Cold Blank: The Agenda Review

Date: Aug 06, 2012 (Monday)

By Jake Krzeczowski

In the past decade or so, electronic dance music has exploded as the advent of low-cost software and marketing have allowed for a sea of artists to emerge from local bedrooms and studios alike.

While the explosion has brought about both good and bad, the latest to rise from the waters and make a mark on the scene, Los Angeles electro duo Cold Blank, has sought to do things the right way.

The Agenda is the debut offering from the team, released via their own independent label Burn The Fire.

At a time when a distinct sound is hard to find, the album features a smattering of EDM variety from drum n’ bass to house, with a healthy dose of dubstep thrown in for good measure.

Seemingly trying to find themselves on their first full-length foray into the public consciousness, Cold Blank spreads it around, opting to try many different sounds rather than focus on a specific lane.

On the house-rocker “Los Angeles” a popping synth line is accompanied by robotic vocals declaring “we are from Los Angeles, this is where the party is,” in case anyone forgot. In a nod to early successes, Tiësto featured the track on his Club Life podcast.

A sure gem from The Agenda is the first single, “Onslaught” featuring original Duran Duran member Andy Taylor lending a smooth distorted guitar brilliantly paired with a bumping bass line and synth structure that builds to crescendos throughout.

Leaning away from the house feel, Cold Blank opts for a trance-like vibe that carries you into the sky before pummeling you into a full-fledged drop complete with grinding dubstep basslines and punching synth hits on “Louder Than Bombs.” The track debuted on MTV Hive and reached #2 on the Beatport Top 100 Dubstep Chart.

The album also features some help from notable acts such as Veela and Blake Miller of Moving Units.

Currently nominated in the Top 100 DJs in America by DJ Times, Cold Blank will be touring across Australia and New Zealand before settling back into the states with a show in Oklahoma City on September 19.

If this duo set out to distance themselves from the competition they did so not as much on the strength of individual songs as much as the complete body of work which sets the stage for a wide open future by demonstrating their ability to craftily handle a wide range of sounds.

For Cold Blank, the future looks as open as the toolbox from which they constructed The Agenda.

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