The Hush Sound Return to Their Roots

By Jake Krzeczowski

Five years ago The Hush Sound was on top of their game. Having risen from the ranks of local Chicago bands, were on tour with the likes of The Plain White T’s and Fall Out Boy. 2007 was a good year.

In 2008 the group of Glenbard West, York and Benet graduates broke up, playing their last official show in the fall of that year before taking an undetermined hiatus.

After four years off which saw members of the group take up other projects and grow individually, The Hush Sound will return with new tricks up their sleeves for a coming out show at the House of Blues October 24.


“After a few really, really intensive few years when we toured our butts off and put out three albums in two and a half years just out of high school we were just exhausted,” said keyboard/vocalist Greta Morgan. “I think we all needed a creative recharge and wanted to try some new things.”


While they played several private and small shows, the band, which points to the suburbs of Dupage county rather than the city as their hometown, was reinvigorated by a pair of sold-out reunion concerts at the Bottom Lounge in Chicago this February.


“It was such an overwhelmingly fun experience,” said Morgan. “The four of us all kind of realized afterward how amazing it is to do something like this grown up and appreciative with clear heads.”

The Hush Sound enjoyed a meteoric rise through the ranks when they were noticed by Wilmette native Pete Wentz less than six months after they began playing together. The recognition set them off on a wild ride of touring and recording fresh off high school graduation.

While they are appreciative of the quick start to their careers, the band noticed something missing and felt the need to take a step back in 2008 after the departure of bassist Chris Faller.

“Personally it just got to a point where at the end of it we didn’t want to be around each other,” said guitarist/vocalist Bob Morris. “It’s strange because now we feel like a new band but at the same time we’ve known each other for over a decade.”

During their time away both Morgan and Morris tested the waters with other projects, Morgan with her band Gold Motel who released their debut album “Summer House” in June of 2010 and Morris with his band Stamps The Band.

Hitting the reset button on their careers essentially, both profess that the period off from The Hush Sound taught them plenty about music and life.

“When we started the band we didn’t have any clear vision of what we wanted to sound like,” said Morgan. “We’re more conscious as adults. We’re like ‘here’s what we want creatively, here’s what we want professionally, here’s what we want to give our fans and it’s a good feeling.”

While there is plenty that has changed, the core of the band is still the same, revolving around the interplay of both Morris and Morgan whose intertwining voices create the harmonies that are the trademark of The Hush Sound.

“People have always liked our sound,” said Morris. “It’s like having a trumpet and a trombone, just two different instruments you put together, its just crafty.”

The two have been writing together since August and plan to begin recording this winter on the heels of the mini-tour that begins with the House of Blues show.

“There’s no better feeling than playing in your hometown and being able to have it be a packed house of people having fun,” said Morgan. “We’ve grown up with our fans and it’s cool to see that they still care as much as we do.”

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