Music producer Peter CottonTale, 21, keeps his ears open

Peter CottonTaleBy Jake Krzeczowski
February 17, 2013 10:29PM
Peter Wilkins isn’t hard to find at a concert — just look for the large, sauntering afro with bunny ears perched on top. The 21-year-old better known as Peter CottonTale has burst onto Chicago’s music scene over the past year through collaborations with local talents Lili K and Chance the Rapper, among others. CottonTale has been listed as one of Chicago’s “Producers to Watch” by RubyHornet and has a wide range of musical ability, working with artists and bands from rock and jazz to R&B and hip-hop. “My goal is to actually create something, arrange it in a way that is unique and makes sense musically,” said CottonTale. Along with his production credits, you can find Peter behind the keyboard with the Chicago-based band Mathien. Often on tour and in the studio on late sessions, Mr. CottonTale has one steady appointment that he keeps in his calendar. “No matter where I am the day before, out late, coming back from a gig, whatever, I make sure to get myself up and play keys at the local churches,” said CottonTale. The young musician has seen a steady rise over the past year with the popularity of Chance the Rapper’s “Brain Cells” and Lili K’s project Metal Petals, vaulting him to the forefront of the Chicago scene. Whoever said slow and steady wins the race never met Peter CottonTale.
Jake Krzeczowksi is a local free-lance writer.

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