BLACK HISTORY MONTH: Fashion designer finds the time is now

BY JAKE KRZECZOWSKI February 21, 2013 4:42PM

Designer Natalie Wright. Phoby AriDavisWhat: Fashion Designer

School: Columbia College

From: Homewood

Natalie Wright is representative of her generation. Frustrated with the sometimes monotonous system that can be school, the 19-year-old asked “why not now” and launched her fashion label, Made in June, in January.

“Since I was 14, my summers have been dedicated to moving me forward in a fashion education,” Wright said.

Since her sophomore year in high school, she spent her summers taking college courses at both Columbia College and the School of the Art Institute. “There was nothing in my high school courses that would teach me anything about fashion.”

Fast forward five years, and Wright’s sportswear collection includes dresses, rompers and separates for women looking for interchangeable pieces. Made in June will be available for purchase later this year, but a lookbook is available online at

Wright is loosely affiliated with the Save Money collective that includes members of the band Kids These Days, along with many young artists, students and beyond. Being surrounded by young creatives helps inspire her work.

“The ideas are ongoing all the time and it’s a lot of feeding off of each other,” said Wright. “It’s the most exciting thing ever, to see people my age doing their thing and think that I can do that too.”

                                                                              Jake Krzeczowksi is a local free-lance writer.

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