|Video| King L: “Tony”

King L’s latest banger, “Tony”, off his recently-released mixtape Drilluminati 2 is a mafioso dream cut with shot of L’s harrowing live shows donning a three piece suit. The song and the video create an interesting aesthetic for the 27-year-old artist from Chicago and calls to mind a young Jay-Z going the same route when his career had hit a breaking point, a decision which ultimately vaulted him to the top of hip-hop for years to come and allowed him to re-write the narrative that had followed him to that point. The points in career are much different, King L largely holds his destiny in his own hands, but perhaps the sentiment makes sense. “My name is Louie, but they call me Tony” is simple, yet packed with meaning and braggadocio and the suits and overall motif may well be a direction King L wants to keep traveling down. While the video gets the overall aesthetic right, it misses an opportunity to take this song from up a notch by using the mafioso and Tony Montana motifs a bit further. Chance also makes a cameo, keep an eye out for that. Full video, from WorldStarHipHop below.

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