Leather Corduroys: “Porno Music Volume 2: TSFR EP

Chicago natives and SAVEMONEY brethren Joey Purp and Kami de Chukwu–better known as Leather Corduroys–dropped a project bursting with heat last night in their single volume Porno Music Volume 2: TSFR EP. Fans can thank a Chance The Rapper post deep in the annals of Reddit for the download.

The five-song project features production from THEMpeople and includes the full SAVEMONEY squad in Caleb James, Towkio, Brian Fresco, Dally Auston and Sterling Hayes. Joey Purp and Kami de Chukwu spit verses as if tossing punches, each syllable landing squarely and without time to turn it over in your head more than once. If Purp is abrasive, Chukwu is the baritone smooth and the two play off each other with a sort of comfort that can’t be forced or faked.

Anticipating yesterday’s drop, the duo shot the video for their track “Still Alive” in the attic of my house just north of Chicago’s Logan Square neighborhood, which they released in January. Since then, both Purp and de Chukwu have gone about creating a city-wide buzz as winter falls away to a brisk Spring and fans start to peel back the EP’s layers.

To cop it, head to the SAVEMONEY website, enter your email and pick up what could be the next big thing out of Chicago. Stream the whole thing below.

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