|VIDEO|Donnie Trumpet: ‘Pasadena’ & Vic Mensa: ‘Down On My Luck’

If you don’t know Donnie Trumpet by now, you will very soon. In fact, there’s a good chance you’re unknowingly already a fan of his work. The artist sometimes known as Nico Segal has been working incessantly since the break up of Kids These Days, the band that spawned Vic Mensa and Marrow, and today delivers an artistic visual in the form of “Pasadena,” which you can watch below.

In the scribble-outline aesthetic of the video we see Nico on horn, Vic rapping from his signature sauntering stance and Peter CottonTale making an appearance as a “boppin’ robot.” The video by “Good Ass Intro” director OJ Hays is a glance backwards and a push forward for an artist that I expect to make a big splash throughout the rest of 2014 with a slew of music that should reach the public in cascading waves over the next few months.

And never one to stay out of the news cycle for long, “Pasadena” guest Mensa also dropped the Ben Dickinson-directed video for his dance-infused single “Down On My Luck,” which first dropped a couple of weeks ago. It’s also below.

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