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Chance the Rapper continues his artistic climb with ‘Acid Rap’

Artwork by Brandon Breaux
By Jake Krzeczowski for Chicago Sun Times
April 29, 2013 8:21PM

Chance the Rapper, “Acid Rap” ★★★½

One of the most difficult feats in hip-hop is the ability to create a fully cohesive project. Rising Chicago artist Chance the Rapper did that on his debut, “10 Day.” With “Acid Rap,” his follow-up mixtape, he proves it was no fluke as his latest adds to the composite picture of Chance as an artist and a person.

“Acid Rap” picks up where his debut left off, as the lead track, “Good Ass Intro,” starts off with a familiar blend of soul-and-juke aesthetics that have become Chance’s calling card. The track also is completely Chicago, with production from his go-to team of Peter CottonTale and Stefan Ponce blending with the sultry sounds of Lili K and Kiara Lanier and vocals by BJ the Chicago Kid. With horns, thoughtful lyrics and a throbbing bass, it’s obvious why Pitchfork Media recently named it as a “Best New Track.” Continue reading Chance the Rapper continues his artistic climb with ‘Acid Rap’