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[Review] King Krule at Lincoln Hall 12/11/2013

Photo by Nolis

On a blistering cold Wednesday night on the North Side of Chicago, everything I thought I knew about British indie artist King Krule was blown away. The 19-year-old artist, formerly known as Zoo Kid, took the stage in front of a sold out Lincoln Hall crowd that seemed to be almost frothing at the mouth for him to play just a note. Cat calls from women likely twice his age rained down on him as the young artist sang with his deep baritone voice, resolute and certain in a way that permeated inner confidence. It felt like a small miracle every time he opened his mouth that Krule could produce such a powerful voice from such a slight package. Continue reading [Review] King Krule at Lincoln Hall 12/11/2013

Alex Wiley takes it slow and steady for first project

Photo by Andrew Zeiter

By Jake Krzeczowski June 5, 2013 1:30PM (Originall Published for the Chicago Sun Times)

Since the Internet turned the industry upside down more than a decade ago, “making it” in music has been largely relative.

Enter Alex Wiley. The Hyde Park native whose highly anticipated debut project, “Club Wiley,” was released Tuesday as a mixtape, threatens to eclipse the buzz surrrounding more established hip-hop artists. Continue reading Alex Wiley takes it slow and steady for first project