Q and A: Matthew Modine

By Jake Krzeczowski

June 4, 2012 9:40AM

Updated: June 4, 2012 10:09AM

Original: Pioneer Press

Actor Matthew Modine was in Glencoe this weekend as part of the Glencoe Grand Prix festivities. We talked to Modine about his efforts to promote bicycling, and his latest work in Hollywood.

What is the mission behind Bicycle For A Day?

I was asked by a group of young global leaders what I would do to help the environment and I said ride a bike. Riding a bike is something that has an immediate positive impact on our community. In addition to that, riding a bike a couple hours a week can reduce a person’s risk of heart attack and stroke by 50%. The goal for Bicycle For A Day is to have a day the whole world only rides bicycles for a day.

What drew you to Glencoe for the event?

Chicago in general has been great for bicycling with all that Mayor Daley did with bike lanes and whatnot. Chicago is definitely one of the leaders in the country for cycling. I had been working in town with an alternative energy program in the area and was offered the chance to take part in the Grand Prix because of my involvement with Bicycle For A Day.

How does Bicycle For A Day give back?

Biomega, a sponsor for BFD had $30,000 worth of returned bikes at their headquarters and offered to donate them to us. I was going to bring them to New York but heard of West Town bikes who give bicycles to kids who can’t afford bikes and teach them how to fix them and maintain them which is a big part of cycling culture, everybody wins.

What can you tell us about The Dark Knight Rises?

Everyone’s talking about The Avengers and I’m sure it’s a very good movie because I haven’t seen it but I’ll tell you that The Dark Knight will kick it’s butt. It’s very dark and tragic and it’s very good. I’m excited about it.

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