SKisM: Division Mix Pt 2 of 4 (NSD VOL. 27)

Date: Sep 05, 2012 (Wednesday)
Originally appeared for The Untz

By Jake Krzeczowski
UK legend SKisM has set off on a journey in electronic music that he has dubbed the Division Mix.

Part Two picks up right where the first installment left off, allowing for the two pieces to be played one after the other to create a pair of puzzle pieces that eventually will lead up to an 80-minute odyssey through EDM.

The second part of the series gets ominously darker with slow, methodic basslines accented by haunting synth lines before including a uniform snare that sends the whole track careening off the rails toward a moombahton-like dance line.

The twenty-minute track is everywhere at once, hopping from drum n’ bass to hard dub and back again faster than the listener can really pay attention. As artists try to conquer all aspects of the burgeoning electronic scene, SKisM has proved he can find a way to mesh it all into one.

The Division Mix series is essentially a Costco for EDM music, a Now! album sampler that doesn’t delve too deeply into anyone one discipline, rather allowing for the listener to get a taste of each.

That isn’t to say that the sound is watered down. It is no easy task to take several very different sounds and bring them together into a single track, much less an 80-minute monster that is the goal here.

That the mix is being released under Never Say Die Records makes sense, as the London-based label has long pushed for expanded creativity in the EDM scene and SKisM perpetuates that perfectly.

Focusing on working in the studio, SKisM’s tour dates have slowed a bit, paying shows in Belgium and France over the next two months.

Known for his dubstep remixes that have brought him attention from the EDM world, SKisM has set out on an interesting exploration of which we find him only halfway done and eager for the rest.

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