|Video| Psalm One: “A New Phaze”

Last week, Psalm One, aka ‘Hologram Kizzie’ dropped her album, Hug Life via Bandcamp and iTunes. This week, on the heels of a solid first week of sales for the largely independent artist out of Chicago, Psalm offers up the first video for the project for “A New Phaze” which has production from electronically-inclined production team The Hood Internet, as well as Cleveland hip-hop collective Tanya Morgan and right-hand woman Fluffy who all join her on the eclectically-fun track that sets the tone for the rest of what is to come from the project that firmly straddles several different genres and sounds that come together to provide a sampling of styles and endeavors that are hot right now. The video balances the different flavors on the project with what is largely a traditional hip-hop video that allows Psalm to take creative risks while staying rooted in the art-form that has brought her to prominence, while also touching on her community service and outreach endeavors. Psalm has always been at the forefront of what is happening in the middle of the map, evidenced by her firm link with the Minnesota-based DoomTree collective and Tanya Morgan feature here, and this video is a furtherance of that sentiment. Check out the video, streaming above.

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