|Video| ShowYouSuck: “Make Out King”

As SXSW nears, there are few independent hip-hop artists coming out of Chicago with more of a foundation (and polka dots) than Treated Crew/LOD member ShowYouSuck, who showed his best work is still coming with his talented project to begin 2014, Dude Bro. The album was a culmination of the work he had done throughout his previous four-part “One Man Pizza Party” series and, although the subject matter stayed largely where it had been since his first project (couch surfing, slurpees and cartoons), things felt more matured.

Since then a marked change can be sensed from Chicago’s 2013 Red Bull Sound Select champ, his rhymes are more crisp, his eyes look more hungry and his overall brand has gotten more streamlined. It’s ShowYouSuck 2.0, with his signature polka-dotted shirt. In his latest video, for “Make Out King” off of Dude Bro Clinton transforms into a skeleton clay-mation version of himself that ponders what to do with a bottle of water, kicks it in in a drop top with neon backdrop and peruses an interesting relationship with a pair of legs. The visual dropped today via Mass Appeal and has drawn some “corpse bride” comparisons. Watch the full video above.

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