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|VIDEO| Netherfriends: “Joey Vision”

So for the past month there’s been this guy living in the attic of my house in Chicago. He goes by Netherfriends, and you may have heard of him. In the midst of keeping our neighborhood funky with his tunes emanating from the upstairs windows, the eclectic artist got together recently with Everett Ravens for a visual of his latest track “Joey Vision,” an uptempo cut that’ll remind listeners of mid-2000s Modest Mouse. Continue reading |VIDEO| Netherfriends: “Joey Vision”

|Video| Netherfriends: “Uptown Boys”

If you happened to spend time in Chicago’s Logan Square over the past year or so, Netherfriends and his three-fingered salute shouldn’t be wildly unfamiliar to you. To be honest, there aren’t many places unrecognizable to the wildly eclectic 27-year-old producer/performer. Having crisscrossed the country several times and one-upped Sufjan Stevens by writing a song in every state, Netherfriends has grown a truly grassroots following among indie fans, electronic heads and rap aficionados alike. His latest working, “Uptown Boys” is a rumination on time spent in the north side neighborhood of Chicago, known for its upscale music venues and dark corners and alleys, the video, shot by Elevator, is a sort of montage of Netherfriends live shows, intense personality and off-the-wall disposition. He’s kind of a weird guy, but it’s what makes his music so endearing, you can feel every ounce of him poured into each track, a tall order for someone who seems intent on working constantly.