|VIDEO| Netherfriends: “Joey Vision”

So for the past month there’s been this guy living in the attic of my house in Chicago. He goes by Netherfriends, and you may have heard of him. In the midst of keeping our neighborhood funky with his tunes emanating from the upstairs windows, the eclectic artist got together recently with Everett Ravens for a visual of his latest track “Joey Vision,” an uptempo cut that’ll remind listeners of mid-2000s Modest Mouse.

If you’re not familiar with Netherfriends, here’s the quick story. Since April 2010 the artist sometimes known as Shawn Rosenblatt has been on an “endless tour,” traveling across the country and setting up shop in spaces much like our empty third floor attic. He’s created a following here in Chicago over the years and last summer he hosted one of Logan Square’s best monthly mainstay events in “Kind of Buzzed,” for which he provided the production and recorded live as well to capture what he describes as, “a process of making music; a live recording you can later chop up. It’s like a really fast production with freestyles.”

Currently working on the follow up to his 2013 release P3ace, Netherfriends continues to experiment with different sounds and aesthetics as he focuses more squarely on Hip-Hop while incorporating a free-flowing style that is almost jazz-like.

Grab P3ace, on which “Joey Vision” appears, at Netherfriends’ site. The guy’s a workaholic, so look out for new music from him soon.

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