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Spike Lee Continues To Defend Chiraq, Further Revealing Ignorance

Godamnit Spike, I thought we were done with this.

After months of constant bullshittery about how much good your satirical look at a problem that affects hundreds of thousands of people each year has done for the affected, after you tried to tear down one of the purveyors of goodness in this city, after you convinced everyone in NYC that we here in Chicago actually use the word ‘Chiraq,’ you’re still not done?


Man, Spike Lee might want to stay away from Chicago for awhile.

On Tuesday, the trailer for his much talked-about film Chi-Raq was released online, immediately sparking quite a fervor on Twitter and beyond. While we definitely can’t make brash judgements on the film’s concept as a whole given we’ve only seen a two minute and 31 second trailer, there are some questionable aspects of this first glimpse of the comedy that seem ill-suited for the subject matter. Continue reading SPIKE LEE’S “CHI-RAQ” TRAILER JUST ANGERED AN ENTIRE CITY