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Carrying The Purple Torch: Eryn Allen Kane Continues Her Soulful March Forward

Originally Appeared for TheseDays in July 2016

Five minutes before taking the biggest stage of her life, Eryn Allen Kane is freaking out.

Her mind running, palms sweating, feet pacing, she begins to make sense of how she got to this point: backstage preparing to perform alongside none other than Prince, her first proper stage experience outside of backup duties.

Suddenly, a familiar face steps into the green room. Recognizing the worry on her face, sensing the nerves bubbling to the surface, Prince assures her, “don’t be nervous, why are you nervous, why?”

Looking at him, Kane could think of only one thing to say, “because you’re Prince, man.”

“So what,” he returned. “You’re Eryn and you’re here for a reason and this is your time, this is you.”  Continue reading Carrying The Purple Torch: Eryn Allen Kane Continues Her Soulful March Forward


Man, Spike Lee might want to stay away from Chicago for awhile.

On Tuesday, the trailer for his much talked-about film Chi-Raq was released online, immediately sparking quite a fervor on Twitter and beyond. While we definitely can’t make brash judgements on the film’s concept as a whole given we’ve only seen a two minute and 31 second trailer, there are some questionable aspects of this first glimpse of the comedy that seem ill-suited for the subject matter. Continue reading SPIKE LEE’S “CHI-RAQ” TRAILER JUST ANGERED AN ENTIRE CITY

[Feature] Introducing: Eryn Allen Kane

We eased into our seats at the Boiler Room, a bastion of pizza in Chicago’s Logan Square neighborhood with a killer deal for a slice and a beer. As I settled into the booth with local singer Eryn Allen Kane, the waitress laid the orders out on the table like a challenge: two tall Pabst Blue Ribbons, oversized pieces of pizza and shots of Jameson. As the Blue Line rumbled above us in the distance I cozied up to the corner table to try to figure out how best to describe to the world a 24-year-old R&B artist with a public discography that is almost nonexistent. Continue reading [Feature] Introducing: Eryn Allen Kane

Saba: “Burnout” (Feat. Eryn Allen Kane)

You should’ve heard about Saba by now. Since appearing on Chance The Rapper’s now-iconic Acid Rap project, the 19-year-old artist and leader of Chicago’s newest Hip-Hop clique, PIVOT, has reinvigorated his art while preparing for the release of his upcoming project, COMFORTzone. Continue reading Saba: “Burnout” (Feat. Eryn Allen Kane)

|Video| Eryn Allen Kane: “Hollow”

If you’ve been really paying attention to my writing and the Midwest music scene, you may have heard of Eryn Allen Kane. If not, you’ll most definitely remember her once you have. The 23 year old singer/songwriter has spent the past year quietly working on her debut project in the annals of Chicago’s Fox & The Mule studios. With the project nearly ready and slated for a Spring release, Kane and co. decided to release this video for “Hollow”, a vocal avant-garde piece, inspired by expressionist paintings and shot by the talented Austin Vesely. Continue reading |Video| Eryn Allen Kane: “Hollow”