Lately, we have been hearing a lot of good coming out of the New York City collective “Inner City Kids” (ICK), and just before the weekend the world got the latest from the group’s newest MC in ABGOHARD, who teamed up with Slater for a fresh new project in Rich Yung Pimp. The project is an interesting play between a pair of talented up and coming artists on the rise in a burgeoning east coast/New York City scene. Featuring production from the likes of Suicideyear, $1 Bin, Marlee B, Ryan Hemsworth, Rich Yung Pimps is as eclectic as it’s title is stereotypical. The pair of artists are at the forefront of the next wave of New York City hip-hop that has emanated from what many have called a renaissance in the NYC scene. The project is boom-bap-ish, with more developed sensibilities, taking a step forward while keeping another firmly rooted in the sounds that curated the scene on the right side of the country in generations before them. It’s a rap project, with both Slater and ABGOHARD handling crafty rhyme schemes with ease while ruminating over the ins and outs of the world around their heads. Check out the latest from ABGOHARD and Slater, Rich Yung Pimp, available for stream/download below.

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