|Video| KAKE Sits Down With Lili K.

Chicago’s KAKE began a new series with a familiar face earlier today, premiering “300”, a documentary-style, five minute interview piece with Chicago neo-soul/jazz artist Lili K. Shot by FragDFilms on location at KAKE headquarters in Force One Seven Studios, Kellen Winters sits down with the talented songstress as she ruminates making connections in the Chicago scene, releasing her first projects and making a name for herself through hip-hop ties. IMG_0032Photo by Andrew Zeiter

After first popping up on people’s radars with her 2011 release, Prelude To Hello, her first in several collaborations with close friend Peter CottonTale, Lili has gone on to establish herself among the local and national scenes as a crusader for the Jazz standard. Last year she released My Favorite Things, a re-arrangement of, you guessed it, classical Jazz standards re-done by CottonTale and herself. That release was bookended with her inclusions on Chance The Rapper’s Acid Rap and Vic Mensa’s Innanetape, two of the biggest hip-hop releases in 2013.

As much as her profile grew with the feature, Lili understands it is a double-edged sword and has been sure to continue to focus more squarely on solo work. To be sure, Lili’s next project should definitely be one to look out for. In 2014 and beyond I expect Lili K to truly take off as she makes her music her own and continues to put on for the sound she believes in. Check out my good friend Ms. Winters break it down for 300 seconds with the talented Lili K in the video above, if you haven’t already.

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