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|Video| KAKE Sits Down With Lili K.

Chicago’s KAKE began a new series with a familiar face earlier today, premiering “300”, a documentary-style, five minute interview piece with Chicago neo-soul/jazz artist Lili K. Shot by FragDFilms on location at KAKE headquarters in Force One Seven Studios, Kellen Winters sits down with the talented songstress as she ruminates making connections in the Chicago scene, releasing her first projects and making a name for herself through hip-hop ties. Continue reading |Video| KAKE Sits Down With Lili K.

Blend of genres marks Lili K’s style

Photo by Andrew Zeiter
By Jake Krzeczowski February 27, 2013 5:50PM
Originally Appeared for Chicago Sun Times

Chicago musician Lili K (Kryzanek) is jazz with a nose ring — literally.

Blending jazz with hip-hop and R&B to form a wholly eclectic sound, the 21-year-old Milwaukee, Wis., native, who sports a stud in one nostril, has begun to carve a niche with her new take on the musical style while keeping jazz alive.

“I think my sound is very distinct, and I’ve gotten good at blending genres,” said Lili. “It’s awesome to be able to go from a jazz jam session to a Treated Crew party across town and be welcome at both.” Continue reading Blend of genres marks Lili K’s style