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Brandon Breaux: The Man Behind The Cover Art Of Acid Rap, 10 Day & Chance 3

(Originally Appeared for TheseDays)

At this point, it’s a sort of foregone conclusion that Chance The Rapper will only continue to assert his control over the music world at-large with the impending release of his #Chance3 project. That got a further teasing this week with the unveiling of theartwork for the project. Three years since Acid Rapand nearly five since 10 Day, Chance’s new project will be the third installment in what he’s calling his mixtape trilogy, As Chance has grown and evolved both as a musician and a person, the covers of his projects have seemed to reflect each; the music itself following suit. One prevailing aesthetic of each project though has been the cover art, which seems to be artistic takes on distinct points in young Chano’s growth. The reason for that consistency is easy to figure as well, there has been a singular force behind the imagery that finds itself to the front page of Chance’s work and that force is none other than Chicago artist Brandon Breaux.  Continue reading Brandon Breaux: The Man Behind The Cover Art Of Acid Rap, 10 Day & Chance 3

|Mixtape| Lil Herb: “Welcome To Fazoland”

The day has finally come for Chicago’s own Lil Herb to step out on his own. After first hitting the scene early last year with fellow south side artist Lil Bibby on the strength of their joint project which produced nods from the likes of Drake, and a slew of record labels. Continue reading |Mixtape| Lil Herb: “Welcome To Fazoland”

‘Acid Rap’ Nominated for ‘BET Best Mixtape’

Photo by Nolis

“Better than I was the last time/Did a ton of drugs and did better than all my alma mater”
Words have quickly become reality for Chancellor Bennett, better known to the rest of the world as Chance The Rapper, whose latest release, Acid Rap, was nominated this week for a BET Hip Hop Award for Mixtape of the Year. Continue reading ‘Acid Rap’ Nominated for ‘BET Best Mixtape’