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Home Team • TASHA

Over the course of the last half-decade here in Chicago we’ve collectively been lucky enough to enjoy as one wave after another has built, crested and broke onto the shores of the country at large. For whatever reason, I’ve found myself in rooms with many of those types, and a couple weeks ago was another unexpected opportunity as I was afforded an opportunity to catch a familiar face on the scene, but a relatively fresh name on the music side of things in the form of 23-year-old TASHA. Continue reading Home Team • TASHA

Home Team • Ian Eastwood

As we continue along this ever-expanding idea of a Chicago Renaissance, it’s undeniable that the forward-thinking artistic movement goes well-beyond just music. Art, at its essence is interpretation and no one takes cues like fast-rising dancer, choreographer and Oak Park native, Ian Eastwood, who has been forging a new path in his own lane that speaks to a larger independent movement that has come to pace this scene of artists and creatives operating out of the midwest.  Continue reading Home Team • Ian Eastwood

Justin Rose Emerges From NYC’s Crowded Scene with ‘Water White’

Age: 25 • Currently Resides: Jamaica Queens, NY • Follow: Twitter // Soundcloud

Sometimes the most fun part of continually and endlessly covering music and the scenes that come with it is being able to watch an artist grow. It’s a symptom of regularly reporting on anything, but in music, especially today, that growth feels more palpable, as an act I’ve personally watched grow over the past couple of years has been New York City’s own Justin Rose. Rose has hit the second half of 2015 with a sort of vengeance to this point unseen from the eclectic MC/Producer.  Continue reading Justin Rose Emerges From NYC’s Crowded Scene with ‘Water White’

Ric Wilson Proving He Has What It Takes Heading Into 2016

Age: 19  •  Neighborhood: Blue Island/Alsip  •  Follow: Twitter // SoundCloud

At 19, Ric Wilson possesses a voice and worldview years beyond himself and isn’t afraid to take a stand with his carefully crafted raps. Having only popped up on our radar in the last six months, Wilson has made a splash with a recent run of singles and videos that resulted in his PennyRaps EP which caught the attention of outlets across the country including Ebony, The Source, BET and more. Continue reading Ric Wilson Proving He Has What It Takes Heading Into 2016

Respect The Neighbors • Jay IDK

The DC/Maryland/Virginia area, affectionately known by locals as the ‘DMV’, has been a solid outpost for hip-hop music for some time, producing well-known talents such as Wale, Pusha T and Pharrell as well as progressive new-age acts like GoldLink, Fat Trel, and Kali Uchis. While not necessarily a hotbed of talent, the locale is consistent if anything, which makes sense that it also birthed current rising star Jay IDK. Continue reading Respect The Neighbors • Jay IDK